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Products and Pricing

Service type Description Price
Cloud DNS System to provide Domain Name System (DNS)
Web-based interfaced DNS service can be used even without expertise in building a DNS server, such as BIND.
Different DNS records are supported, including A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV, and NS.
Hosted zone price
Zones: 1~ 25 : $0.50 per hosted zone
Zones: over 25 : $0.10 per hosted zone

Query price :
Queries: 0-1 billion $0.40 per million queries.
Queries: over 1 billion $0.20 per million queries

The hosted zone price is proratedly calculated
if the period is less than 1 month.
The query amount is totaled for each account.
DNS service is on a monthly basis, combining
hosted zone price and query price.
Enterprise DNS This is a DNS service for a mission-critical Internet business that calculates the query amount by account.
In addition to standard DNS functions, it features quick response, stability, and improved security.
DNS servers are distributed for better stability.
It provides managed service upon the business demand for more stable DNS service.
A DDoS defense option is provided for the DNS server.
Base price : $30 / hosted zone / month (1M Queries/month included)
Enterprise DNS service is prepaid service. (Monthly plan)
Additional traffic is charged based on usage.

Query price :
The basic price of contract traffic is $4 / million queries
the price of additional traffic is $7 / million queries
Web Forwarding It is a so-called URL forwarding service, which redirects a subscriber or visitor to a different Web site address when they enter a domain by forwarding a certain domain Web site to a different one. USD $9.99 / domain / year

Enterprise DNS
  • Enterprise DNS has a prepaid payment system, and the basic plan includes 1-million query traffic.
  • An additional traffic of 1 million queries costs USD $4 for a contract-based system but USD $7 for a noncontract–based system.
  • Exceeding traffic will be charged later.
  • Payment is made with Credit, which can be purchased with a credit card, PayPal account, or Alipay account. One DNSEver Credit costs USD $1.
  • Charged Credit points are automatically paid on the billing date.
  • Upon the change of server and network resources or of human service provision, the name, component, details, or price of a product or service may be changed according to the provisions (for more details, refer to the provisions).
  • This is for the English version of DNSEver service (www.dnsever.com), and it may vary upon the language.
  • A user who uses the service for illegal purposes or causes excessive traffic will be subject to practice or limitation of use, and it may result to the limitation of the traffic of usability.
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